Get That Look: Week of July 7th to July 11th


This dress is definitely a very close second to the dress that Victoria Beckham wore to the Wimbledon men’s final. For only $11.80 from SourcingMap, this dress is modern and fashionable. This is color blocking done very very right.


Sweet and sophisticated, this dress from Lulu’s is only $54. You will look nothing short of graceful and elegant in this gown.


This chiffon maxi dress is a perfect must have for this summer. It is playful and light, while still being appropriate to wear on a night out. Wear it loose and wild or pair it with a skinny waist for a more form fitting look. At only $18.90 from AliExpress, this is a purchase you won’t regret.


This dress is pretty much identical to the dress that Taylor Swift was seen strolling around in after her trip to the gym. From a cute trip to the supermarket to an afternoon running errands, this dress is a perfect way to look stylish while out and about. Get this dress from Delia’s for only $24.90.

ooxx Ashley