#KateBosworth Launches New Fashion App, #StyleThief – You’ll Want to Know About THIS


Kate Bosworth has really outdone herself this time. From fashionista to sexy Blue Crush actress, Bosworth has dedicated her life and career to the fashion and entertainment industry and her most recent dabbling is probably our favorite thus far.

Have you ever seen a magazine spread or runway show and thought “OMG I have to have that!”? What about walking through campus? Have you ever seen someone absolutely rocking an outfit that leads you to think of activities of questionable legality of how you can get it yourself? Of course you have, we all have! The innovative Kate Bosworth has created a new phone app that is available on the iOS app store that helps put your daily coveting to rest. Kate explained to WWD that “everyone can relate to that feeling of looking at an editorial, for example—or a friend, or the runway, for that matter—wanting to steal something exactly as you’re seeing it, or something similar.”

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The app is called Style Thief and it’s very literal in description. When you see an outfit you absolutely adore, you snap a picture of it in Style Thief and the app will automatically calculate where you can find a comparable piece and for how much. It will also give you a direct address and phone number to the nearby location, so you can put that shit on hold!















For all of the girls out there who have ever sighed at the sight of a beautiful ensemble of material, sadly on another person, your days of coveting are now over. For all of you iPhone users out there, download this app NOW! It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen or used before and it makes me want to go buy an iPhone right now just to have access to it!