#ChrissyTeigen Is “Too Fat” To Model For #Forever21


Model Chrissy Teigen recently tweeted something about Forever21, “yep, they suck and I hate them.”

Rightfully so. Why did she have such harsh words for the clothing franchise? Teigen said that Forever21 directly hired her when she was younger, but when she showed up on set recently, they asked her to take a photo and sent it off to her agency. Her agency calls her while she was sitting in the make-up chair telling her to leave because Forever21 said she was too fat and needed to get her measurements taken.



In whose eyes is her body too fat? In whose eyes is it fat at all?? She obviously isn’t too fat for Sports Illustrated… a magazine devoted to plastering fit and beautiful people, half-naked, on their cover.


And she is certainly beautiful in the eyes of her handsome and super talented husband, John Legend. You keep doing you Chrissy, you are beautiful.

It is behavior like this that contributes to the growing number of people all over the world who believe they need to be pencil thin to be considered attractive. Franchises like Forever21 who target girls in their teens and twenties are creating unrealistic images of how girls are supposed to see themselves if they continue with these disgusting actions. Love yourself and care about your body, treat it right and be healthy, regardless of the garbage that the media spews.

ooxx Ashley