#AnnaPaquin Celebrates The End of #Trueblood By Dying Her Hair Purple


Anna Paquin was contractually obligated to keep her hair blonde as long as she was playing Sookie on the popular show True Blood, but now that the show is over, Paquin decided to go all out and dye her hair bright purple.

Paquin has stated that she has wanted a new hair color for a long time, and as soon was the show was over she was going to dye it, silly us for thinking she might go for a color like black or red.

However, purple seems to be quite the trending hair color, as Paquin is not the first celeb to sport the lavender locks.




Jordan Sparks was seen with more subtle purple highlights in her hair, while Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry have been seen with full heads of purple hair.

Don’t think that just ladies have sported this unique look, guys have as well like Youtube sensation Tyler Oakley.

tyler oakley

What do you think of this trend? Would you ever dye your hair purple?

ooxx Ashley