Make Your Old Mascara Brand New!

I personally may not use much make-up but when I do, one of my must-have items is mascara. Mascara can give you the illusion of having long, thick lashes without having to use fake ones. One thing all mascara users have in common though, is the dreaded feeling of when you notice that your mascara is getting a bit dry, clumpy, and hard to apply.

Getting make-up in the cosmetic aisle of a local drugstore can help you save a bit of cash, but going to a store like Sephora means your make-up will be a bit pricier. Sometimes if you are a bit strapped for cash, you may have to go without your favorite make-up products for a while, or you’re stuck using that clumpy, old mascara. Luckily, here is a tip for you to help your mascara be smooth and slick again!

Just hold your tub of mascara under hot water for about 20 seconds. The water warms up and smooths the gel in the tub, making it like brand new again and easy to apply.

So turn this…


Into this!


Milk your mascara for all it’s worth!

ooxx Ashley