10 Fun Dates That Your Wallet Will Thank You For


Everyone enjoys going out to a fancy 5 star restaurant or going out on the town on an expensive date, but not every outing with your significant other has to break the bank. There are several dates that are plenty of fun, while also being super cheap or even free!

1. Make your own bonfire outside (be careful and keep a fire extinguisher on hand) and roast marshmallows at night under the stars.  It will be sure to be one of the most romantic nights you have had in a while.

2. Gather up a bunch of pillows and blankets and play the good ol’ question game. Create a list of questions and have your SO do the same and go back and forth answering them all. You can even turn it into a game, while really getting to know your SO.

3. Many cities have plenty of nature trails where you can walk or jog or go cycling with your date.

4.  Have a cook-off! Go to the grocery store and get some items for both of you to create a your own delicious dishes, once the food is done, trade them and see how good your date’s cooking skills are.

5. Spend a day at the beach. All you’ll need is a towel, some sunblock, and your swimsuits.

6. Find one of those hipster coffee shops that has music or games, and enjoy a night out with some great hot chocolate.

7. Go to a yogurt place and create delicious masterpieces. You guys can try each others’ flavors and spend hours talking afterwards.

8. Play some form of strip- something… poker, chess, uno… whatever you fancy. In the end…everyone wins, trust me.

9. Go through the pictures on your phone or Facebook and tell stores of your favorite events, nights out, or vacations. Time will fly by as you share stories.

10. Look up the events calender in any of your local papers, you’d be surprised at how many plays, art shows, and even concerts are super cheap or even free to the public.

Have fun out there!

ooxx Ashley