#JennyMcCarthy Speaks Out About Latest Nude Photo Leak



If you’ve tuned into any type of celebrity news over the past few weeks, you’ve definitely heard about the Great 2014 Celebrity Nude Photos Leak. Ashley spoke in length about one of our favorite stars, Meagan Good, yesterday and the trouble she’s been experiencing from being a part of this leak.

The most recent star to have her daily life shifted by the string of leaks is TV actress and author Jenny McCarthy. As Ashley stated yesterday, the increase in celebrity nude photos being leaked is due to a group of highly intelligent hackers that hacked Apple’s iCloud. Unfortunately, it seems these hackers have access to almost all of the photos that celebrities have sent back and forth through email and/or phone.

A representative for McCarthy confirmed that some of the nudes leaked of her were real, but the “most explicit” ones are not her at all and were Photoshopped. She doesn’t remember ever taking those. Reps for McCarthy are reporting the hacked phone account to the FBI in order to bring these hackers to justice and save any other celebrities from the shame and embarrassment of what was supposed to be private matters.

As with most of the other celebrity nude leaks, McCarthy’s pictures (both real and fake) ended up on 4Chan and Reddit this morning for viewers all over the world.

Thankfully, McCarthy didn’t seem too down in the dumps due to this heinous crime committed against her and others when she took to Twitter this morning saying “Good Tuesday Morning to all of u happy people out there. Xo,” to all her followers.