#KatyPerry Dyes Hair Bright Red to Honor Animal from the #Muppets



The 29-year-old pop sensation surprised all of the KatyCats with this snapshot of her new do on Twitter this morning. She said she got her “hairspiration” from the character Animal from the Muppets. I’d say she looks a little less crazy than Animal, but I just personally don’t think holy-shit-red is her color.

I use the term “surprised” earlier lightly, because Katy Perry is known by her fans and other celebrities for always rocking new and daring shades as seen below.

imageskaty-perry-2011-mtv-vmas-40s-hairindex Katy-Perry-The-Trendy-Purple-Highlighted-Curly-Hairstyle-for-Medium-Hair






















The caption attached to the image of the “hairspiration” was almost as out there as the dye itself: “Got dat hot wheels hurr/play doe pink do by @majormoonn” as she tagged one of the most famous celebrity stylists, Daniel Moon.





I will say, however, this color is very tasteful for Fall and I approve of this color during this season more than I would the hues of purple and blue shown above, but girl, your hair is going to fall out any minute now..

What do you guys think?


❤ Your PFF