#7thHeaven Dad, Stephen Collins, Admits to Participating in Child Molestation


All of you 90’s babies out there, hold onto your seat. The fictional dad and pastor of the 11 season long show 7th Heaven, Stephen Collins, has confessed to despicable crimes of child molestation. His confession was taped, unbeknownst to him, by his estranged wife while Collins explained the gory details. The tape has since been confiscated by the New York Police Department.


Collins has been dealing with a nasty divorce from soon-to-be ex-wife, Faye Grant, and revealed to her in a private conversation that he had inappropriately touched young girls and exposed himself to several others when he was younger. After hearing about these heinous acts, Grant asked Collins to attend a therapy session to help repair their marriage. Collins admitted to the therapist all of the horrible things he had done to those young girls and was explicit in detail. Little did he know, Grant had been taping the entire thing to expose him of his dirt.

Thankfully, according to California law, you’re legally allowed to record private conversations as long as it could provide sufficient evidence of someone committing a felonious crime. Collins confessed to molesting an 11-year-old relative of Grant’s and exposing himself to a handful of other girls when he was much younger. There are at least three victims that the NYPD know about, but there is an active investigation in play under the premise of inappropriate sexual contact with minors.

I, for one, am astounded. I absolutely loved watching this show and loved the tight familial unit that was displayed. I guess I just have to remember Eric Camden was a fictional character. I wonder how cast members such as Jessica Biel are handling this news?