#AmberRose Is Not Afraid To Show Off Her Ass-sets

Model Amber Rose and her husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa, were together for just one year when Rose filed for divorce, claiming that Khalifa cheated on her.

Rose has publicly stated how devastated she is over the betrayal of her husband and even tweeted,”The pain… I wake up every morning feeling like my best friend died… I never knew what a true heartache felt like until now.”

However, after Khalifa released the song “Pu**y Overrated” with the lyrics: “Ain’t spendin’ sh*t, so I prolly won’t get along with you…Might have showed a little love, but you can’t say nothin’ to me no more.” Rose immediately took to Instagram to show off her ass…sets.


She even captioned the photo: “#Thot #Whore #Hoe #Slut #GoldDigger….. #ButDatAssonFleekDoe 💋🍑❤️💦💵”

Looks like she is refusing to play the role of a heartbroken damsel in distress now.

ooxx Ashley