#DIY #Halloween Costume Ideas for 2014

It’s only October 14th and I’ve already been invited to about 10 Halloween parties around Gainesville. Looks like it’s time to pull out those old police and french maid costumes from last year, right? Wrong. Use these DIY ideas listed below to make Halloween fun, flirty and FREE this year!

For Couples:

Soccer fans and Spice Girl fans – Man wears a soccer jersey and spikes hair, draws tattoos on arms, you’re now David Beckham. Girl wears tight posh clothing (pun absolutely intended) and you’re his lovely wife.bp-halloween-Beckhams

For those couples who are all about that treble – Put a blow-up beach ball under a white tee shirt and wear a colored spaghetti strap top over the tee shirt.


Classic Rock and Puns – Highway to Hell and Stairway to Heavenstairway-to-heaven-and-highway-to-hell-121577-800x533

For girls:

Rosie the Riveter – Denim button down or denim dress with sleeves, red bandana and red lipstick.


Mary Poppins – White button down, high waist navy blue skirt, black hat, black booties, black stockings, red bow tie, red belt, umbrella


Little Red Riding Hood – Red scarf, black dress, stockings, booties, basket


For guys:

Mime – striped shirt, white face paint, red beret, white gloves, black suspenders


Home Improvement’s Wilson – Plaid shirt, fishing hat, make shift fence to cover face


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – literally visit any nearby Goodwill


For Smart Asses:

Error 404 – White tee, sharpieError-Code

Have fun with it and keep it classy ladies and gentlemen 😉