#DIY Cheap and Easy Zombie Make-Up

On Thursday night, my best friend, my boyfriend and I attended our first Halloween party of the season. I was short on money and didn’t really have time to go buy a costume anyways, so I started researching DIY costume ideas for a group or a couple. I couldn’t find anything that I really liked, so I started rummaging through my closet to see if I could come up with something myself. I came across a piece of lingerie I bought last year from Victoria’s Secret and since Halloween is the one day out of the year where a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl’s can say anything about it (#MeanGirls), I decided to work with this.

We ended up coming up with a really cool idea, the scorned wife kills the cheating husband and mistress. I may have seen too many episodes of Deadly Women, but whatever. I, the mistress, wore my lingerie piece, a house coat, stockings and stilettos. My best friend, the wife, wore a tight black dress, an apron, librarian glasses, a pearl necklace, red lipstick, an engagement ring and had a fake retractable knife for her prop. The husband, my boyfriend (ironic?), wore a button down and khakis to look as if he was on a business trip. Oh, and the make-up turned out amazing to say the least.

The final product (ignore our not-so-ready for the picture faces):



I love exploring with make-up. Colors, styles, techniques, you name it, I’ve at least tried it. I actually finalized my decision on this Halloween costume idea by trying out the zombie look and really loving the outcome. Keep reading to find out how to be beautiful, dead.


Step 1: Grab your materials

  • Primer (face and eye)
  • Eyeshadow (Red, White, Blue, Purple, Black)
  • Deep Red Lipstick
  • Fake Blood
  • Brushes (Fluffy blending brush, Thin eyeliner brush, Large powder brush)
  • Toilet paper (I know, just trust me)
  • Elmers Glue

Step 2: Get your face ready for this crazy make-up

  • Moisturize your face all over to prevent any breakouts the following day
  • Grab your face primer and apply generously all over face and neck

Step 3: Apply white foundation to create a ghostly effect

  • Use your large powder brush and white eyeshadow in circles around the entirety of your face and neck
  • Apply generously, until you start to notice your skin tone has decreased about 5 shades
  • The more you apply, the more lifeless you’ll appear

Step 4: Contouring

  • In order to achieve the best dead look possible, you must contour the hell out of your face and neck
  • Doing so will create depth and make you look more bony and concaved, like how I imagine a dead person would look
  • Grab your deep red lipstick and apply a line to the deep holes of your neck as shown below


  • Smudge the red lipstick to create deep lines and triangles
  • Grab your fluffy blending brush and black eyeshadow
  • Apply the black eyeshadow everywhere you just put the smudged red lipstick and blend until you have achieved a deep set and hollowed effect
  • Repeat this process on your face
  • Cheek bones to create a hollowed out face (TIP: Suck in air while you’re doing this to really get the definition of your entire cheek separation)
  • Under your eyes to create a tired effect
  • Temples to increase the hollowed effect (create small circles with the lipstick and blending brush on temples)Capture

Step 5: Deep Eye Sockets

  • You should already have some light eyeshadow applied under your eye from the previous step, so we’re just adding to this to enhance the look
  • Grab your fluffy blending brush again and, this time, dab into the blue and purple eyeshadow hues and begin application
  • Apply heavily to socket area between nose and eye lid and below eye, see below
  • For all the women out there, to increase this look, apply a thin pencil eye liner to the lash line and smudge
  • Grab the red lipstick again and your thin eyeliner brush and apply the red lipstick to the waterlines of your eyes


Step 6: Wounds

  • Grab your red lipstick and apply to the area you would like your cuts to be
  • For stab wounds, make it a straightish line
  • For any other type of wound, make it oval in shape
  • Grab your Elmers glue and apply a thin layer to the shape you just created with the lipstick
  • Immediately, rip off small, thin pieces of toilet paper and stick them to the glue
  • Apply another thin layer of Elmers glue on top of the toilet paper (Make it as thin as possible, if it’s too thick, it will take forever to dry)
  • Wait for the glue to dry (You can use your blow dryer to speed up this process)
  • Once the glue has dried, begin pulling at the toilet paper to create holes, this will make your wounds look more realistic and flesh-like
  • Apply your normal face powder over this toilet paper/glue thing to make it match the color of your skin and look more realistic
  • Grab your fluffy blending brush and put some black eyeshadow into the holes you created in the toilet paper to create depth
  • Use the same fluffy brush to create a bruised effect
  • Use your red, blue, black and purple eyeshadows mixed together
  • Blotch the colors all around and on top of the wound
  • Do this until it starts to look like this:

20141016_212354Step 7: Blood

  • This is just an extra option to make the wounds look more realistic
  • Hold the fake blood tube above the wound at an angle and let some drop down unto your skin
  • Stand erect and let the blood run down from the wound to achieve that realistic effect

Step 8: Complete the look

  • Blend everything thoroughly with your normal powder brush to make the whole look appear more real
  • Apply blood drops to your outfit, props and jewelry
  • Grab your lipstick and thin eyeliner brush and create small veins coming from the outer parts of your face into the center (this can be as many or as few as you’re comfortable with)



You’re all done! When finished, your look should be similar (or better than!) this:













Have a happy and safe Halloween!


❤ Your PFF