Positively Professional: 11/20

Since it was my first day on the job, I had to make my presence known. Bitches gotta know I’m in charge.


I paired a white shredded blazer with a dark plum sheath dress, some stockings and a pair of plain black pumps. I also wore a chunky gold necklace and some big gold and champagne bracelets. To fully bring the look together, I wore a big black purse and had black and gold nail accessories as seen below.


The best part about this outfit? It was only about $62.00!

  • Plum Sheath Dress – Sandy’s Chic Boutique $8.99
  • White Shredded Blazer – Sandy’s Chic Boutique $11.99
  • Gold Necklace – Sandy’s Chic Boutique $2.99
  • Black Stockings – Wal-Mart $5.00
  • Black Pumps – Payless $12.99
  • Black Purse – Wal-Mart $14.96
  • Nails – Wal-Mart $5.00

I also decorated my office with some of the most chic pieces from Kate Spade, Amazon and Tortoise and Pearl! My office looks pretty glamorous if I do say so myself.


Along with this awesome outfit, I created some loose curls in my hair and used charcoal and violet hues in my makeup routine. I went light on the eye liner and lipstick, but heavy on the contouring to complete the look.