Positively Professional: 11/21


Friday was my second day at the new job and it consisted of a lot of traveling and training, so I had to make sure I could stay comfortable throughout the day. I met all of my staff members and the owner of the company as well as a lot of partners/contractors that are helping spoof up the property, so I also had to make sure I was dressed to impress.

I paired a loose red quarter-sleeved dress with a beautiful pair of nude gladiator heels. The dress was unshapely on it’s own, so I strapped on a leopard print waist belt to tie in the light color of the shoes contrasted with the bright red of the dress. I wore gold hoop earrings and flashy gold bracelets. Tied the look together with a large tan purse!


I got a little lazy and didn’t want to wash my hair the night before, so I just pulled some messy pieces back behind my ear and re-curled others. My eyeliner in this picture is from Smashbox, my mascara is MAC and my lipstick is Revlon.

Ignoring the pricey makeup, this outfit only cost $35.00!

Red dress: Sandy’s Chic Boutique – $8.99

Nude Gladiator Pumps: Sandy’s Chic Boutique – $10.99

Tan Purse: Wal-Mart – $14.96

❤ Your PFF