Positively Professional: 11/25

It’s almost Thanksgiving! I couldn’t be more excited, because it means I get to see my boyfriend that I haven’t seen in two weeks since the move!

Unfortunately, it has been raining all…day….long, but I was still able to throw some things together to create this chic outfit.



I wore the geometric blazer from Forever 21 that I talked about in yesterday’s post on top of a sheer nude razorback top. Paired them with some black leggings from the Nordstrom Rack and nude pointed toe pumps. This whole outfit cost me under $35.00!

Nude Razorback Top: Nordstrom Rack – $5.99

Nude Pointed Toe Pumps: Sandy’s Chic Boutique – $11.99

Black Leggings: Nordstrom Rack – $8.99

Since the outfit consisted of a combination of only two colors, I went heavy on the lipstick with MAC’s Candy Yum Yum pink and used a thick jet black mascara from MAC as well to counteract the complacent hues of the outfit. I twisted a few strands from my bangs and pinned them behind my ear and created soft, loose curls throughout the rest of my hair.