How to travel with style

It’s the holiday season, so that means you will probably be doing some traveling. Whether you are doing a two hour trek by car or you are taking a plane cross-country, one thing you want to be sure to do is dress comfortably. However, just because you are dressing with comfort on the mind, does not mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed after being in a coma for a year.

Leggings or loose fitting jeans

Ironically, these two things are on the complete opposite sides of the form-fitting spectrum, but either one is crazy comfy and perfect for hours of traveling. Keep in mind, that “loose fitting” does not have to mean barely able to stay on your body, just that it allows you a bit of leg room…

so not this…

stock-footage-woman-showing-off-weight-loss-in-baggy-jeansbut this!


Muuuch better.

Remember, if you decide to go with leggings, pair it with a shirt that covers your lady bits. We are going for classy, not crotchy.

A cardigan or sweater

If you are driving in your car, you’ll have control over the temperature, but if you are carpooling, taking a bus, or on a plane, you never know if it’s going to be the pit of hell or smack dab in the middle of Antarctica so your best bet is to wear a light shirt in case you are a bit on the warm side and bring an emergency sweater for when you get those traveling chills.

f21cardicanjacketsEasy shoes
By easy, I mean easy to put on or take off. In you are riding in a bus or car, you want to be able to put them on or take them off in a matter of seconds for rest stops or getting cozy for a nap. If you’re traveling by plane, we all know what a pain getting through security can be. If you’ll have sneakers on, chances are you’ll already have socks on, but even if you pick sandals don’t be afraid to bring a pair of socks, your toes might need some warmth on that long ride.comfortable-shoes1The last thing to bring? A smile! You’re on vacation!Happy holiday travels!

ooxx Ashley