SFX Make-up Tutorial: Jigsaw

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with horror movies. Going through a break-up? Watch blood and gore. Not doing too hot at work? Watch blood and gore. Home sick? Well, you get the picture.

One of my favorite horror movies is Saw and I’ve seen the entire series multiple times. A few months ago, I decided to recreate an infamous look from the movie(s), the doll that Jigsaw uses to further his sadistic games. Speaking of that, you wanna play a game?


Materials needed:

-Red lipstick

-Face/eye primer

-Red face paint

-Very Black eye liner

-Black and gray eye shadow

-White face paint

-Make-up sponge(s), Eye shadow brushes, Foundation brush, Contour brush, Eyebrow brush

-Translucent setting powder


  1. Prime your face and all over your eyes to ensure you don’t have cracks in the face paint/shadow
  2. Begin applying the white face paint all over your face and neck until pigmented to your liking
  3. With a foundation brush, apply some translucent setting powder over the white face paint – This is my go-to by Tarte, can be found at any Ulta location or online!
  4. With black eye shadow and your contour brush, begin to deeply contour your face focusing heavily on under the cheek bones, your temples, your jaw line and eye socket areas
  5. With a small eyebrow brush, apply a small amount of the same black eye shadow you used to contour your face to both sides of your nose and make the lines connect with the deep contouring you created in your eye socket(s)
  6. With the same brush, outline your eyebrows until your desired pigment is reached
  7. With your finger, apply a generous amount of black eye shadow to the entirety of your eyelid
  8. Grab your eye shadow blending brush and begin to blend out the black eye shadow on and around your entire eye
  9. With your very black eyeliner, apply a thick layer around entire eye for a more bold look
  10. Dab a small applicator brush in red face paint and create a spiral like shape on the apples of your cheeks
  11. Define the lines in the spirals with red lipstick
  12. Apply red lipstick to your lips in a small area, to create the “doll” look, use the white face paint to make the rest of your lips disappear


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you tried it out yourself, comment below with your picture!