SFX Make-Up Tutorial: Pop-Art

This is one of my favorite looks that I’ve done, but also one of the most time consuming ones, so make sure you’re sitting in a comfortable seat if you attempt this look!



-White, red, blue face paint (you can choose whichever colors you like, but these worked best for me!)

-Face primer

-Red lipstick

-Very black eyeliner

-Black, blue, red and white eye shadow

-Makeup sponge(s) and applicator brushes



  1. Prime your face, neck and chest – my go-to primer is this one by Bare Minerals
  2. Begin creating the pop-art, chiseled look with your black eyeliner, focusing heavily on your jawline, around your forehead, under your cheek bones, your cleavage, your clavicle and any other areas on your chest and/or face that could use extra definition to make them pop (no pun intended)
  3. Go over the black eyeliner creations with a deep black eye shadow to thicken them up and add definition
  4. Using your eyebrow brush, apply a hefty amount of black eye shadow to your eyebrows and thicken and lengthen them more than you usually would
  5. Create a tear drop look under your eye with your black eyeliner and the color of your choice (I chose a teal blue color!)
  6. Create the comic-like look with a makeup sponge and white makeup – creating white circles sporadically on your face, chest and neck
  7. Add a comic bubble if you’d like! Mine says “POW!”
  8. Apply a hefty amount of the lipstick color of your choosing, and use the black eyeliner as a substitute lip liner to make it very defined
  9. Add a little bit of white to the lipstick on the bottom lip
  10. Finish up the look with a thick cat eye and mascara


Hope you liked this tutorial! If you tried it yourself, comment below so I can see what color palette you chose!!


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