Iconic Women Fashion

Hello there! Today is a super lazy day for me, it’s the the afternoon and I am still in my pj’s, wrapped in blankets, watching Netflix…like a bum. While I was watching movies… Continue reading

Weird Make Up Trends

Good day friends! Today’s topic: weird, awkward or just plain ugly makeup trends. Thank God I don’t actually see too many makeup mishaps around me, but to make sure that they don’t happen… Continue reading

Men’s Fashion

Thank you, Lonely Island for that wonderfully inappropriate title. If you aren’t familiar with this reference, WATCH IT, but with discretion and an open mind. Lol. As promised, I am gonna write directly… Continue reading

Horrible Fashion Trends

Hi! Aw, you guys stuck it through and made it all the way to part 5! You all are such babes ;). Click if you want to read the previous parts of the… Continue reading

Healthy Summer Skin

My Dears: Last night I talked about the importance of making sure your morning routine is in check and tonight I’m gonna give yall some much needed info on how to keep your… Continue reading

Morning Routines

I’m gonna focus tonight’s article on the first things that every girl (or guy, I don’t judge) should accomplish in the mornings. From what I have seen, I can tell that mornings are… Continue reading

Horrible Fashion Trends

My lovelies, Similar to the last post about Edward Scissorhands, this trend is also a modification to your body. It is supposed to make you look like a badass that does not care… Continue reading

Horrible Fashion Trends

Hey hey! It’s about that time for another rant! Unlike the previous post about Uggs, this trend is not an article of clothing or footwear that you can just take on and off.… Continue reading

Be a Better YOU

Laydayzz: Yesterday, I talked on the phone with my aunt for over an hour about why she wasn’t dropping weight that she had been working so hard to lose for over a month.… Continue reading

Horrible Fashion Trends

Hello hello, Now that you have heard what I have to say about Crocs, today we are going to talk about another fashion trend that really grinds my gears. Today’s atrocity is yet… Continue reading