The Best Kind of Nude

As promised, here’s a little peek at what yours truly wore to work yesterday. I honestly thought I might try and lie and say I wore it today and just forgot all together… Continue reading

Horrible Fashion Trends

Hello pretty babies, This is Ashley, the co-creator of PFF and hurray, this is my first article on the blog! Leslie has been giving you all tips and advice on where to find… Continue reading

Cheap Online Shopping

Ladies… I was online shopping tonight and found some awesome up and coming stores that are too freaking cheap to be true. Already got my cart full, will you? Love Culture: Sammy… Continue reading

Name Brand Make-Up; Drug Store Prices

So, obviously, this blog has dealt heavily with purchasing cheap fashion, but all-in-all, this blog is dedicated to looking your best on a daily basis, every aspect of you. This post is gonna… Continue reading

Have a Good Monday

           Ladies and Gents, I hope you’re having a decent Monday. Yeah, I know, sometimes it’s impossible cuz Monday’s usually suck to say the least. My Monday has been… interesting… so far. I… Continue reading