#MeaganGood speaks on leaked nude photos

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#RapeCulture : The Issue of “Who’s to Blame” in 2014

I usually wouldn’t write about something as controversial as rape or domestic violence, especially on a platform such as this, but I’ve experienced one too many instances in the past few weeks and… Continue reading

Things You Need: Epsom Salt, Baking Soda and Essential Oils.

The essential oil can be purchased at The Body Shop, which I recommend because their products are Fair Trade, and most importantly, pure and free from damaging chemicals. What to do: -Take a… Continue reading

10 Fun Dates That Your Wallet Will Thank You For

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Get That Look: Week of July 21st to July 26th

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Best Dressed: Week of July 21st to July 26th

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Make Your Old Mascara Brand New!

I personally may not use much make-up but when I do, one of my must-have items is mascara. Mascara can give you the illusion of having long, thick lashes without having to use… Continue reading

Get That Look: Week of July 14th to July 18th

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Best Dressed: Week of July 14th to the 18th

Emma Watson is generally known for being a bit more on the conservative side with her choice in wardrobe, but this crop top and skirt combination is the polar opposite of that while… Continue reading

#AnnaPaquin Celebrates The End of #Trueblood By Dying Her Hair Purple

Anna Paquin was contractually obligated to keep her hair blonde as long as she was playing Sookie on the popular show True Blood, but now that the show is over, Paquin decided to… Continue reading